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The holy Facebook empire, and its fall. | October 11, 2011

We all know that Facebook has been making changes more and more frequently the past few months. But quite frankly are any of these necessary? Between the new features and layouts we all find ourselves in a frustrated mess every couple of weeks or so. So why do they do it?

In all honesty I believe it is because they are scared. As the common phrase goes, history tends to repeat itself. Now most of you may be sitting there reading what I just said and your thinking, how does this apply to that? Thing of Facebook as a civilization, imagine it as the Greeks or Romans, these civilizations had nice long runs but even they fell at some point. Now back to Facebook, they “civilization of Facebook looks at its history books and looks at the past “civilization” Myspace and thinks the reason they did not succeed is because they stayed relatively the same all throughout their time. I mean does anyone remember a single update of Myspace? Sure they look a bit different now but it was too little too late and that, I believe, was one of their biggest downfalls. However on the other end of the spectrum it seems that Facebook has taken it to the extreme and that will be its downfall. Soon it will be nothing but a ghost town (or I guess I should say ghost town website) and we will all belong to the next great social media civilization.


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