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Planking verse flagpole sitting: A tale of two bad economies. | October 12, 2011


For those of you that do not know what planking is, here is a clip from The Office that pretty much sums it up. Now that you’ve watched that hilarious video let’s compare planking to flag pole sitting. Since no one really knows what flag pole sitting is I will explain it. Flagpole sitting is the art of climbing up a flagpole with a small seat (most of the time just a wooden board) and sitting at the top for minutes, hours, or even days. Although this fad took off in 1924 (roughly 5 years before the stock market crashed) it carried on well through the depression.

To me there seems to be a correlation between a bad economy and the young adults of America doing stupid free entertainment. Now before I go any further I would like to add a disclaimer here: I love America, I love Americans, and as a young adult entrepreneur I believe it is the youth of our country that has the absolute obligation to pull us up by our boot straps with every ounce of blood, sweat, and tears that we have. Every day I practice these beliefs, with that being said though; I also believe that my generation is a bunch of lazy, unmotivated and unappreciative morons.

The reason that the generation of the stock market crash made it through is because they dared to crawl up flag poles and reach for the sky, both metaphorically and physically. They had it worse than us and still made it through. Maybe our parents coddled us too much, or maybe the technology of today made us this way, I do not know what happened. However this I do know, the young adults from their generation had there fun then went to work patching things up, we are having our fun (if you can call that fun) and things are getting worse, so I ask you people of my generation, whose laughing now?




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