Why My Gears are Grinding

Thursday Nights: The way you know you’ve become an adult | October 13, 2011

As sit here on my bed, already in my sleep attire, I wonder to myself when did things get so boring? For most college kids there is school, sleeping, and partying. Some of us however, have subtracted one of those things from the list in order to take on a job. Now for most of your reading this that might now seem like that big of a deal, you’re probably saying “that’s not so bad, miss out on a Thursday night out here and there.” Or “It’s not like I do anything at night anyway, might as well work after class.” The fact of the matter is it is not just a “Thursday here or there” or “working at night” by the time I am done with work, school, studying or homework I am tired to a point that I didn’t think was imaginable. Don’t get me wrong though, I do enjoy my job, it pays more than any college job I’ve ever heard of. The point I am getting at is that life has a way of making you grow up without you realizing it. Last year it was practically a sin to go to bed earlier than midnight. This year my whole day is great when I know I have nothing to do at night and I can get in bed by 10 p.m. I wouldn’t trade back for the world and even if I miss out on a thing here or a thing there I don’t worry, because I’m gaining experience in a high demanding work force that will put me on the top of any list of job applicants. I guess what I’m trying to say is I enjoy the fact that I’ve become more mature. All and all though, if it makes you happy, do it, but don’t forget you’re here to have some fun too. So for tonight, I think I’ll change back get up and go out for a bit. Hopefully someone will make the coffee exceptional strong at the office in the morning.



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