Why My Gears are Grinding

Prank wars | December 1, 2011

This evening I came home to find my room, my clothes, and my dog covered in glitter. Most college students and “The Office” Enthusiasts know that pranks are funny, as long as you’re not the one pranked on. Now I’m a pretty big jokester, I’ve pranked plenty of people and have even had the misfortune of being in a full-fledged prank war. This time around it’s pretty clear that a prank war is inevitable, but my friends and I have all gotten to the point where rules are necessary in order for this to go over well. If you’re interested in starting a prank war, my best suggestion to you is to strike first and suggest rules later. If you end up in an all-out fair game prank war, first off, I’m sorry for you, however second off try and try again to establish ground rules. Now every great prankster knows that pranks have their limits and if you cross them then you’re probably going to get it worse so your best bet is to make sure you don’t get in too deep and that you keep everything you value nice and safe. Lastly, every great prank war must come to an end, know when to call it quits and come to a peace. So for everyone out there, Happy Pranking!


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