Why My Gears are Grinding

The Greek System | December 1, 2011

My freshman year I joined a Fraternity here on campus. Now a lot of people out there do not understand this system. Most think it’s all about partying and drinking and god knows what other clichés that have been attached to Greek life. Well let me tell you, it’s not, I repeat it’s not. In fact Greek life as a whole is so much more than that. Now I’m not going to sit here and tell you we’re all straight edge kids who are in bed by 10:30 on Saturday and at first morning service Sunday morning, but quite frankly let’s be real, who is like that. The fact of the matter is all the stuff you hear about the Greek system makes up at most 10% of the things we do. The Greek system is about brotherhood and sisterhood. It’s about making you a better person and a better leader. It’s about preparing you for the real world. It’s about helping others. But most importantly it’s about having friends that will stick by you for the rest of your life. Sure we pay to be a part of it, but in actuality most of the money we give goes towards insurance to cover ourselves because of all these insane clichés people have come up with. So next time you want to blame the Greek system, think about this.


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